NCERT Physics Class 11 Syllabus

Chapter No.
Contents / Units
1Physical World
2Units and Mesurments
3Motion in a Straight Line
4Motion in a Plane
5Laws of Motion
6Work, Energy and Power
7System of particles and Rotational Motion
9Mechanical Properties of Solids
10Mechanical Properties of FluidS
11Thermal Properties of Matter
13Kinetic Theory
14Oscillations and Waves
15Ray Optics
    Deep Institute Course Features:
  • Knowledge and marks oriented study.
  • Relate the topic from lower class and higher class.
  • During study hours, mention about weightage and marks distribution of a particular topic.
  • Develop ability to analyze the questions and their answers.
  • Develop ability to apply own idea and logic.
  • Illustrate with daily life events.
  • Regular tests and feedback.
  • Timely completion of syllabus.
  • Providing full length of study materials.
  • One by one basis doubt sessions.
  • Extra class even on holidays, if needed.
  • Practice from different reference books along with NCERT.
  • Providing different sets of assignments and tests of different levels.
  • Conducting topic wise and chapter wise unit test.
  • Formative and summative assessment test series in exam environment.
  • Mock Test series in actual board environment.
  • Special improvement test for weaker students.
  • Revision and crash course.
  • Practice from Lab-Manual books and develop practical skills.