DEEP INSTITUTE established in the year 2009. Now it is a well known coaching institute. It has become
one of the leading institute in Delhi NCR. It is a registered institute under INDIAN REGISTRATION ACT,
1908. Its registration number is 332/2010. It is ISO certified organization under STANDARD ISO 9001:
2008. This journey was not so easy. On the basis of hard working, devotion and dedication, it stands as a
strong organization in educational coaching field.

As a institution we serve to improve our society and our nation. We are dedicated to continuous
evaluation of the institution in order to address the needs of the present and the challenges of the
future. We are dedicated to excellence in education by providing a highly competent, innovative and
supportive faculty and staff member that will enable students to achieve their individual educational


12 Reasons To Join Deep Institute

  • Teaching is based on latest CBSE curriculum
  • Teaching by experienced and expert faculties
  • Teaching quality is knowledge based and result oriented.
  • Providing online/offline tests and study materials.
  • High quality of teaching skills.
  • One-to-one doubt clearing session.
  • Small batch size, to give special attention to every student.
  • Helping in student’s project work.
  • Scholarship for meritorious students.
  • Providing supplementary courses like NTSE, OLYMPIYAD, IIT-JEE and NEET foundation.
  • Updating important exams and dates, Board exams guidelines and CBSE circulars.
  • Regular feedback to the parents and guardians.


DEEP INSTITUTE is committed to high quality teaching and learning facilities for each student to realize their full potential with supportive and collegial relationship. We are committed to enhancing the taking care attentions and facilities. We are committed to provide opportunity to quantity and quality learning in a ideal way. We are committed to conduct the test series in an actual environment of School and Board Exams. We are committed to represent most difficult topic in a simplified and easy form with the help of hand-outs, summarized notes and other study materials



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Education is learning, not only how to succeed in life and make money or hold position, but also how to fail and stand up again. Education is also having the courage and strength to walk on the path of truth. Students of these days are much more sensitive. They posses very high self-esteem and self respect and believe in independent thinking. We aim to develop a good sense of discipline and moral values along with academic excellence.