NCERT Mathematics Class 7 Syllabus

Chapter No.Contents / Units
2Fractions and Decimals
3Data Handling
4Simple Equations
5Lines and Angles
6The Triangles and its Properties
7Congruence of Triangles
8Comparing quantities
9Rational Numbers
10Practical Geometry
11Perimeter and Area
12Algebraic Expressions
13Exponents and powers
15Visualizing Solid Shapes

Deep Institute Course Features:

  • Knowledge and marks oriented study.
  • Consolidate the mathematical skill and knowledge.
  • Apply more than one method to solve the problems.
  • Relate the topic from lower class and higher class.
  • Develop ability to analyze the questions and their answers.
  • Develop ability to apply own idea and logic.
  • Develop interest in mathematics.
  • Signify mathematics with different aspect in daily life.
  • Illustrate with daily life events.
  • Regular tests and feedback.
  • Timely completion of syllabus.
  • Providing full length of study materials.
  • One by one basis doubt sessions.
  • Extra class even on holidays, if needed.
  • Practice from different reference books along with NCERT.
  • Providing different sets of assignments and tests of different levels.
  • Conducting topic wise and chapter wise unit test.